[Freedom Lab] How to Earn $3K in 3 months by Starting Your Own Ecommerce Store

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Have you ever wanted to create a profitable Ecommerce Store but had A LOT of unanswered questions?

An online Ecommerce store is a great way of adding another income stream while giving you more freedom and flexibility.

But with seemingly hundreds of different opinions out there on Ecommerce along with lots of misinformation, it can be incredibly daunting. Have you ever found yourself wanting to get your store started, but stuck wondering about...

  • What are the biggest pitfalls to avoid in the world of Ecommerce?
  • What sort of resources do I need to start an Ecommerce store?
  • How do I source ethically/sustainably made products?
  • Is Ecommerce something that I can do on my own, or do I need a team? (hint: you can definitely do it on your own!)
  • Do I need to know how to code or know technical web skills?
  • How do I manage inventory and shipping?
  • If I already have a blog, can I monetize it and link it to my Ecommerce store?
  • How do I know which products to sell?
  • How quickly can I start making a big PROFIT?!

Welcome to the Freedom Lab!

The Ecommerce Freedom Lab is exactly what you've been wanting. You get to watch me, Natalie Sisson, create an online Ecommerce store from scratch. You'll find out exactly what you should do and, more importantly, what you should NOT do - all designed so that you can replicate my successes, avoid my mistakes, and make a profitable Ecommerce store of your own.

It will be an exciting ride! I'll have experts walking alongside me to ensure my store takes off along with a plethora of resources to draw from. I plan to make at least $3,000 in revenue in the first three months, if not more. I can't wait to see you do the same!

I've been a fan of multiple revenue streams and easy, streamlined business for years. Life is here to enjoy, not be bogged down with work and financial worries. However, I've found most people have no idea how to start make extra cash!

Well, I think that's downright unfair. You shouldn't have to be clued in to trends and technically savvy to be living a life that's fulfilling and enjoyable.

This journey is as unknown to me as it it likely is to you, but what I have heard from those who have been doing this for years, is you have to invest before you profit, and most of the time you reinvest your profits back in to your business - just a heads up and reality check.

It's not a get rich quick business model but the rewards can be truly fulfilling if you're prepared to keep testing, implementing and working at it

You can definitely expect to continue your revenue growth, month on month and provide you with the financial freedom you're wanting.

While there are many ecommerce platforms I will be starting with a site on Shopify (that's my affiliate link and plans start at $29 per month). If you sign up through me I'm working on getting a deal to get you a discount.

I am also very interested in selling on Amazon using FBA (fulfilment by Amazon - and yes I will be learning about this and explaining as much as possible through the Lab) but will not do this until month three - most likely.

I will be looking to source products that are already popular and selling to start with, then I will be looking to source my own products that are more unique and ethical once I have some sales coming in and understanding of my market.

Yes I will be learning about and covering drop shipping too.

I'll be sharing EVERYTHING I learn with you - including screenshares of getting set up on Shopify, plus my learnings as I progress through the course and my financials - no closed books here.

Pepper, my new team member, will be learning herself too, while helping me with research and marketing. We will be recording some of our in person jam sessions so you can see exactly what strategies and tactics we discuss and use.

We will also be sharing how we're building my puppies, Kayla and Angel's presence on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, as well as how we will grow a new email list from scratch so that we can get a head start when we launch.

I have three experts lined up already for in-depth and highly valuable interviews at the right times - i.e just when we need their advice most. I likely will bring on more, but not too many to overwhelm - and you'll get to ask questions too!

One of these experts, Steve Chou, has agreed to do several live reviews as we progress so you can learn too.

There will also be regular LIVE doing sessions where we will work on our ecommerce sites together, and you get to ask me questions too - this is invaluable and something that has made my past Lab's so unique and results focused.

What's more this entire Lab will be set up on Teachable so you can login anytime you wish to watch the videos, ask questions, download resources and stay up to date on our live 'coworking' sessions.

You will also get lifetime access to the Lab even once we've finished.

Finally - yes this will be a paid lab. We are putting a lot of effort into dissecting and breaking everything down to make it simpler for you, more practical and easier to implement. In my opinion that's worth the investment.

If I do my job right, the investment will be just a fraction of the revenue you will earn over the next 3-6 months.

$3,000 in 3 Months Freedom Lab!

I want you (yes, I'm talking to YOU!) to work less and enjoy life more. There's no reason to wait, it's time to start changing your life for the better. What could you do with an extra $3,000? And in case you were wondering, $3,000 is our minimum goal. What if you were making an extra $5,000 or $10,000 a month? How would that transform your life?

Would you have more money to go on adventures with your partner, experiencing cross-cultural adventures and growing into a more well-rounded individual?

Or would you have more time to grow your relationship with your kids? There's always that pressure of whether you're spending enough time bonding with them and guiding them as they develop, what if that worry was lifted?

How about that playful puppy you've always wanted to bring into your life? Would earning $3,000 give you the financial flexibility to finally find yourself an adorable, loving fluff ball? Well, now is the time to find out.

Join me in my Ecommerce Freedom Lab and get behind the scenes to watch exactly how I set up my ecommerce store, source my products, dive into marketing, and create my extra revenue stream.

Wondering exactly what goodies will be included in the Freedom Lab? Check out the extensive list below.

  • How to Find the Right Niche: Look over my shoulder as I show you exactly how I brainstorm products to sell and perform keyword research for potential niches. You'll also see all of the tools and metrics I use to evaluate a niche for profitability. By the time you decide to pull the trigger, you'll be confident that your business idea is not only something you'll love, it's something that your customers will love too.
  • How to Source Products to Sell: Learn how to import goods from overseas, where to find drop-shippers, and how to avoid the scammers and middlemen. I will provide you with the exact scripts that I use to contact vendors for the first time (and will let you know if my contacts are successful!).
  • How to Set Up Your Online Store Website: Choose the right shopping cart to fit your requirements. Regardless of whether you're on a tight budget or if you're technically challenged, we'll find a hosting website that's right for you. The step by step video tutorials will hold your hand throughout the entire process, showing you how we make our decision and how you can make yours! As a web developer and programmer, I’ll also be there to help answer your technical questions and help advise you as to which platform would suite you best.
  • How to Sell on Amazon: Learn how to leverage one of the largest ecommerce marketplaces in the world. Even though you are creating your own branded website, you should understand how to operate with pre-existing sales channels. While you might not want to start selling on Amazon from the start, we want you to give you the opportunity to maximize your profits in the future. I will teach you how to make sales on Amazon as you go about building your own online brand.
  • How to Rank in Search Engines: Ranking in search engines is crucial as a new online business! Discover how and where to obtain quality backlinks to your store. I will also show you how to optimize the pages on your site for maximum search visibility.
  • How to Complete the Sale: Learn the exact techniques that I use to convince a customer to buy once they've landed on your website. I will show you how to use the advanced features of Google Analytics to find hot spots in your sales funnel and improve your conversion rate.
  • How To Use Pay Per Click Services: Learn how to market your store and make sales right from the start with PPC services like Adwords and the comparison shopping engines. Without proper instruction, it’s unfortunately very easy to burn money with these services.
  • Building an Email List: We'll show you how we build our email list so that we can better market our Poochable store.
  • How To Generate Traffic To Your Store: Learn how to use social media, email marketing, and other marketing tactics to obtain free traffic to your online store.
  • How To Make Your Business Legal: Learn how to get through all of the paperwork and red tape required to run your business legally. The course will also go over how to save money on your taxes by teaching you what business expenses you can and cannot deduct on your tax return.